Solid Wood Soap Cutter

4,000 2,400


It started off with us trying to come up with ideas to make use of the left over wood from our regular brush making process. The wood is of high quality but most of it isn’t suitable for brush making. We thought we should put them to effective use without scraping them or leaving them for a furnace.

We have started off with some by-products from our facility which will get added one by one in the days to come. Here we present our solid wood soap cutter.
– Made from good quality solid wood
– Polished to perfection and has a smooth platform and surface
– Extremely convenient size with stable and sturdy base to avoid movement while cutting
– Convenient adjustment stopper for all the many sizes of soaps you think of
– Smooth fly nut with premium quality stopper bolt
– Imported, smooth pegs for easy tension adjustment
– Easy replacement for cutting wire

Note: The product does does not include the soaps in the image.