Palmera Tava Oil Brush ( pack of 3)


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Excellent for use on dosa pans. The all natural tawa brush is extremely comfortable to hold with a wooden handle and coir fibre bristles that have traditionally been an integral part of the Indian kitchen. The materials are therefore absolutely food safe. You can only expect the foods to taste better with a certain woodiness to the dosas/ chappatis you make. The Coir bristles do not melt or leach into the food. So you can be very sure that nothing harmful is going into your food. The brushes can be used directly on hot pans Dry Brushing should be an integral part of your bathing routine, it not only gives a Smoother & Softer skin, but also Removes Dead Skin, Clears Clogged Pores, Improves Blood Circulation, Significantly reduces Cellulite & Promotes Tighter Skin. Both men and women should brush their body before shower.