Palmera Prewashed Low ECC Cocopeat Block for Home Gardening and Horticulture 5 kg Block


1. ECC Cocopeat blocks have a high saltiness due to the presence of lignin and tannin in the coconut husks. This leads to poor root formation and makes it difficult for plants to absorb water and nutrients. This has to be removed by washing with clean water. ECC cocopeat block is prewashed to international standards to ensure that root formation is very good.
2. This subscribes to European & Australian standards of sand content. You can therefore be sure that you are getting pure cocopeat.
3. The raw material is chosen from retted pith which means, the sponginess of the material is a lot better. The breakout volume is more than 15 liters of cocopeat per kg. When you buy this block, you get an assured volume of over 75 liters of cocopeat.
4. Better sponginess means better aeration and better water retention. Even with higher content of water, the roots will not rot.
5. Most cocopeat needs soil to be blended in so that root formation is good and the plants are healthy. With our clean, prewashed pith, you can use it without mixing any soil. Nutrients added will also be fully utilized by the plants.
6. When you use our cocopeat without any soil, you are not adding any heavy weight on your terrace or balcony. This makes it safe for your buildings.
7. Ideal for all home gardening needs. For growing ornamental plants and vegetables. Since this is fully inert, you can add the nutrients of your choice for healthy plants.

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