Palmera Orchid Planter – L


* Natural Wooden Finish.
* No artificial Polish or chemicals Used.
* Eco-Friendly Bonding agent.
* Hand polishing using vegetable oil will give a Premium finish and shine with a pleasant aroma from sandal wood extract (Natural Oil).

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Palmera Orchid Planters are exclusively designed and handcrafted to a natural finish. With that in mind, we collaborated with the most talented artisans of Cubensense. As a result, These functional pots are a feast to your eyes as well as to your heart. Above all, our handmade Natural wooden functional planter will make your Work-space, a living space of beautiful plus. Handmade solid wood premium functional pot from Palmera Expert artisans from Cubensense handpicked all the Solid Woods used in our functional Planters. Thereby ensuring its beautiful texture and quality. They did handcraft our planter for a purely natural finish. In addition to that, we used only eco-solvent adhesives as binders. To preserve this natural origin we stay away from any artificial wood polish or enamel coatings. But every time, hand polishing using vegetable oil gives a premium glow with a pleasant aroma from sandal wood extract (Natural Oil). Usage: The wooden planter can be used to keep plants indoor and outdoor