Palmera Indoor Coir Broom-Medium(12 inch)


  • Comfortable broom for erect sweeping.
  • Sturdy brush with sturdy 20 mm thick wood brush block.
  • Strong  and long wooden handle with 120cm length.
  • Finely combed natural coir bristles to remove extremely fine dust.
  • Cleans better than anything in plastic. Fully natural materials.
  • Excellent for sweeping fine dust.
  • We use 100% natural solid wood in all our brushes. Natural wood has variations in shade ranging from off white-yellow-to grey brown. The grains on the wood are also indicative of the type of wood we use. It is therefore only natural that you will not receive the same shade each time.
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Our indoor soft brooms are a comfortable and eco friendly alternatives to the traditional grass brooms used for sweeping houses. The broom comes with a 4 feet long stick and light weight construction make it usable on an everyday basis. They are excellent options for cleaning fine dust as well The brush generally lasts for one year or more under heavy usage.