Palmera Dish Wash Scrub (Utensil Scrub) – Pack of 3 Pieces


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– Soft natural coir fibre for excellent scrubbing, softened by proprietory chemical free methods
– Exclusive use of long bristles alone to reduce shedding and avoid clogging of drains
– Contains no synthetic ingrediants or binding materials
– 100% Food safe
– Does not leave scratches on tefflon and coated utensils
– More effective natural alternative to metal scrub pads and green plastic pads
– Can be used on hot utensils. Fibres do not melt
– Fibres do not clog drains
– Free from glues and rubber


Scrubbing utensils

Coir Utensil Scrubbing Pads
1. Rinse thoroughly in fresh clean water every day, before and after use to remove all food waste and dirt
2. Soak scrubbing pads in water for half to one hour for the bristles to be flexible. Alternatively, the pads can be left continuously in water.
3. To sanitize, rinse in fresh water to remove all dirt and food waste, leave the rinsed pad in a bowl of water and microwave for 2 minutes. Rinse it again in cold water.

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Clean bristle coir fibre, free from impurities, 100% hand combed