Palmera Dish wash Scrub (Utensil Scrub – 100 Pcs)


* No synthetic or rubber based adhesives used.
* 100% Natural Coir Scrub stitched together with cotton thread.
* Works better than any synthetic scrub.
* Do not leave scratch marks on coated utensils. Safe to use on Teflon.
* Natural material and safe if ingested. So you can forget the worry of scrub bits getting into your food.

2500 in stock


Say goodbye to having bits of steel and synthetic scrubs in your food. Here we have a 100% natural scrub that is safe on coated utensils unlike steel scrubs and cleans better than anything plastic. Now in the traditional circular shape. Made using 100% naturally processed bristle coir fibre by artisans of Ethamozhy Coir Cluster, Kanyakumari District, India