Kitchen Whiskers Washing Brush



– Total brush length is 11 cm, diameter is 3 cm
– Ideal for use in the kitchen for washing utensils and any washing in the kitchen with soap and water.
– 100% naturally processed bristles. Absolutely no synthetic preservatives, glues or binding materials used. Bound together only using copper wire. So there is no chance of rust and is safe for use. This is a completely wood free natural brush.
– Coir fibre bristles form excellent lather with soap
– Safe and an excellent option for washing non stick and coated utensils

Care Instructions
1. Rinse thoroughly in fresh clean water every day, before and after use to remove all food waste and dirt
2. The brushes can be left continuously in water and can be used directly on hot utensils. The natural fibres do not melt
3. To sanitize, rinse in fresh water to remove all dirt and food waste, leave the rinsed pad in a bowl of water and microwave for 2 minutes. Rinse it again in cold water.

Remove the copper wire and the brush can be disposed off in a home compost. Coir fibre would take around 1 month to disintegrate completely in a compost bin.