ECC Saw Dust Garden Mulch ( 8 Kg)


· ECC Saw Dust is prepared exclusively for garden mulching to restrict weed growth enhances water retention.
· The acidity in sawdust makes it an excellent ingredient in potting mixes (less than 50 %)
· Fully sun-raised.
· Breaks down after a year to provide excellent nutrition
· No pollution
· Fully biodegradable.
· Provides Excellent aeration.
· Functions as a Soil Conditioners
· Restricts growth of pathogens
· Enhances the growth of beneficial microbeer
· Lightweight option for terrace gardening.

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ECC Mulch Saw Dust is exclusively prepared for gardening and related applications. We desire the importance of our lessons in permaculture methods. Sawdust when applied in excess (over 50% of potting mix) can hamper growth since it acts as a carbon sink.

When applied to the soil surface with a layer of approximately 2 to 3 inches in pots and around 6 inches in open garden areas, sawdust can effectively control need growth by blocking sunlight. The mulch layer also ensures healthy moisture present in the soil and encourages the growth of earthworms which are important for the aeration of the Soil. It further encourages and enhances the growth of beneficial microbes, which ensure excellent soil health.

Sawdust starts breaking down in a period of a bit over a year. It then helps to condition the soil and becomes a rich source of essential nutrients for the plant.

ECC Mulch Saw Dust does not have any chemicals since it is not obtained by procuring chemically treated wood as it is conventionally done. Hence you can be doubly sure that your grow medium continues to remain organic.

We also use a significant amount of neem wood, and hence it also to soil health by restricting the growth of pathogens.



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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 57 cm