Coir Banister Brush M


– Popular for railway usage and meets IS 2622-1986
– A very full brush area for excellent dust removal
– Comfortable handle for ease of use
– 20 cm cleaning brush length for cleaning bottles of 1 to 2 liters
– All Natural bristles and hence does not leach into the water
– Cleans and scrubs better than plastic brushes
Usage: The disposable and easy to use the bottle cleaning brush.

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The brush is made of very good quality raw materials, naturally, hand combed coir fiber and excellent quality wood turned to a fine finish. It can be used for most dusting purposes at home. The brush earns its name from its popular use as a brush for cleaning trains. It is still the choice of brush for cleaning in railways. The brush is slightly big for use inside car cabins. We recommend usage at home, both indoors and outdoors. This can be quite a useful brush for gardening. Usage: Excellent dusting brush for home and commercial use



Additional information


Bleached and Black

Total Length

38 cm

Brush Diameter

4.5 cm

Brush Length

24 cm

Handle Length

14 cm

Bristle Length

8 cm