3 Pcs Goldsmith Hard Scrub Brush – For Scrubbing Burnt Marks on Utensils


* Small and handy to hold in your palm.
* Comfortable groove to hold the brush tight enough to do some real hard scrubbing.
* Extremely hard bristles for scrubbing burnt marks and hard food stains on utensils.
* Ideal replacement for metal scrubs used in the kitchen which have the following problems.
* Metal scrubs cut into the skin/ leave scratch marks on the palm. With a wooden handle to hold, the chances of damaging your palm do not exist.
* Small enough to reach tight corners.
* Metal scrubs also leave heavy scratches on utensils. Marks left by our brush are much milder.
* When used on taps, they, damage the chrome plating. Our brush does not damage plated surfaces.
* Sharp bits of metal scrub do come into the food at times, which is extremely dangerous if swallowed. Being natural fibers, such hazards are eliminated.
* Most part of the brush is fully biodegradable.

40 in stock (can be backordered)