Car Cleaning Brush

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  • Palmera Lint Removal Brush for Coats, Shirts, Trousers, Salwars, Dresses and Denims


    – Does not leave scratch marks on tiles.
    – Soft coir bristles with high fiber density.
    – Sanded with a groove on the side for stronghold.
    – Excellent dust removal brush.

  • Palmera Handy Dusting Brush – Pack of 3 Pieces

    Sale! 430.00

    * Small enough to sneak into the tightest of spaces, window sills, and blinds.
    * Fits comfortably into the door sockets on most car doors and is excellent for dusting car interiors.
    * Excellent at removing fine dust.
    * Safe for use on chemicals.
    * Does not melt and hence suitable for use over hot surfaces.

Showing all 2 results