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  • Palmera Handmade Wooden Soap Dish

    Sale! 160.00

    1. Easy to clean, as you just need to lift up and move out the tray.
    2. Hollow gap design lets water drain down to prevent.
    3. This soap dish for the shower is made of high quality wood …

  • Palmera Pan Brush (pack of 2)

    Sale! 360.00

    * No chemicals were used during the production process. Absolutely food Safe.
    * Coir bristles do not melt. So the brushes can be used directly on hot pans
    * Coir absorbs oil and so, it retains oil which helps in better spreading.

  • Palmera Orchid Planter – S

    Sale! 500.00

    * Orchids can be tricky plants to care for.
    * They like specific conditions to help them thrive, including ventilation around their roots, excellent drainage, and space for roots to spread out.
    * Regular pots and planters can’t always fulfill these needs, so a specialist orchid pot is preferential if you want a happy plant.

  • Palmera Dish Wash Scrub (Utensil Scrub) – Pack of 12 Pieces

    Sale! 240.00
    • No synthetic or rubber based adhesives used
    • 100% Natural Coir Scrub stitched together with cotton thread
    • Works better than any synthetic scrub
    • Does not leave scratch marks on coated utensils. Safe to use on Teflon
    • Natural material and safe if ingested. So you can forget the worry of scrub bits getting into your food

Showing all 4 results