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  • Palmera Round Toilet Cleaning Brush (Red, 45CM, Brown) Pack of 2

    Sale! 520 470

    đź’—High quality brush construction.
    đź’—Far superior cleaning than products made of plastic with the coarse surface of coir bristles.
    đź’—Reduced cleaning agent usage.
    đź’—Bristles do not get degraded with water.
    đź’—Aesthetically and ergonomically designed handle.

  • Palmera Goldsmith Coir Washing Brush for Utensils (Bassine Fibre, Brown) (Pack of 1)

    Sale! 160 130

    * Soft coir bristles with high fiber density.
    * Sanded surface with groove for excellent hold.
    * Forms excellent lather with soap.
    * Does not leave scratch marks on utensils.

  • Palmera Outdoor Broom Head

    Sale! 240 200

    * Cleans off dry leaves, paper, stone, and larger particles alone with ease
    * Less strain on hands and knuckles than coconut broom.

  • Palmera Indoor Broom Head

    Sale! 240 200

    * Soft coir bristles with high fibre density to remove fine dust.
    * Far superior cleaning than products made of plastic.
    * Comfortable 4 feet light weight handle for errect sweeping.
    * Less strain on hands and knuckles than grass brooms.
    * Metal socket for better strength and quality.

  • Palmera Orchid Planter – S

    Sale! 600 500

    * Orchids can be tricky plants to care for.
    * They like specific conditions to help them thrive, including ventilation around their roots, excellent drainage, and space for roots to spread out.
    * Regular pots and planters can’t always fulfill these needs, so a specialist orchid pot is preferential if you want a happy plant.

  • Bird House – Pack of 3 Pcs


    – Made using untreated raw wood, sand for finishing.
    – Dimension of bird house 10*10*10 cm.
    – No varnish or chemicals were used.
    – Suitable for small birds and sparrows.

  • Solid Wood Soap Cutter

    Sale! 4,080 3,400

    – Made from good quality solid wood.
    – Polished to perfection and has a smooth platform and surface.
    – Extremely convenient size with a stable and sturdy base to avoid movement while cutting.
    – Convenient adjustment stopper for all the many sizes of soaps you think of.
    – Smooth fly nut with premium quality stopper bolt.
    – Imported, smooth pegs for easy tension adjustment.

  • Coconut Shell Soap Dish – Round – Natural Polish

    Sale! 180 150

    * Coconut Shell Soapdish
    * Wash hot & cool water
    * Natural Color, Finish & No polish
    * Eco-friendly product

Showing all 8 results