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  • Palmera Goldsmith Coir Washing Brush for Utensils (Bassine Fibre, Brown) (Pack of 1)


    * Soft coir bristles with high fiber density.
    * Sanded surface with groove for excellent hold.
    * Forms excellent lather with soap.
    * Does not leave scratch marks on utensils.

  • Palmera Outdoor Broom Head


    * Cleans off dry leaves, paper, stone, and larger particles alone with ease
    * Less strain on hands and knuckles than coconut broom.

  • Palmera Indoor Broom Head


    * Soft coir bristles with high fibre density to remove fine dust.
    * Far superior cleaning than products made of plastic.
    * Comfortable 4 feet light weight handle for errect sweeping.
    * Less strain on hands and knuckles than grass brooms.
    * Metal socket for better strength and quality.

  • Palmera Orchid Planter – S


    * Orchids can be tricky plants to care for.
    * They like specific conditions to help them thrive, including ventilation around their roots, excellent drainage, and space for roots to spread out.
    * Regular pots and planters can’t always fulfill these needs, so a specialist orchid pot is preferential if you want a happy plant.

  • Bird House – Pack of 3 Pcs


    – Made using untreated raw wood, sand for finishing.
    – Dimension of bird house 10*10*10 cm.
    – No varnish or chemicals were used.
    – Suitable for small birds and sparrows.

  • Solid Wood Soap Cutter


    – Made from good quality solid wood.
    – Polished to perfection and has a smooth platform and surface.
    – Extremely convenient size with a stable and sturdy base to avoid movement while cutting.
    – Convenient adjustment stopper for all the many sizes of soaps you think of.
    – Smooth fly nut with premium quality stopper bolt.
    – Imported, smooth pegs for easy tension adjustment.

  • Coconut Shell Soap Dish – Round – Natural Polish

    Sale! 150.00

    * Coconut Shell Soapdish
    * Wash hot & cool water
    * Natural Color, Finish & No polish
    * Eco-friendly product

Showing all 7 results