Palmera Brushes

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  • 2 -Feet Industrial Hard Push Broom

    Sale! 2,125.00

    Made of bassine bristles and premium quality seasoned hevea wood, this is the best option among push brooms for industrial purposes. * These brushes are a popular product for use in Foundries for cleaning sand.
    * Textile companies for cleaning shop floors.
    * Spice processing companies for collecting spices from the drying yard.

  • Palmera Bathroom and Floor Scrub Brush with Wooden Sticks – Pack of 3 Pieces

    Sale! 1,660.00

    – Does not scratch or damage tile, marble, or granite flooring.
    – Hard palmyrah bristles with excellent filament density.
    – Palmyrah bristles are excellent for scrubbing the toughest of dirt and grime from tiles and bathroom flooring.
    – Far superior cleaning than products made of plastic.
    – Comfortable 4 feet lightweight handle for erect scrubbing.
    – Less strain on hands and knuckles than coconut broom.

  • Palmera Premium Bassine Scrub Brush – Medium – Pack of 3 Pieces

    Sale! 635.00

    * A better option than steel scouring scrubs.
    * High density hard bassine bristles for heavy scrubbing and long life.
    * Seasoned Rubber Timber Handle, made from eco-friendly plantation timber and provides excellent finish and quality.
    * Sanded surface with grooves for excellent hold.
    * Do not leave scratch marks on coated utensils.

  • Palmera Coir Body Brush – Now with Soft Coir

    Sale! 300.00

    * Our earlier coir body brush was available with stiff coir bristles.
    * Based on several customer requests, we have developed chemical free methods to separate out soft bristles.
    * Our brushes now do not cut into the skin (a difficulty reported by many customers).
    * The brushes are an excellent option for use as a dry body brush and also for use as in shower brush.

  • Coir Straw Brush – Pack of 3 Pieces

    Sale! 205.00

    * Soft coir bristles with high fibre density.
    * Sanded surface with groove for excellent hold.
    * Forms excellent lather with soap.
    * Does not leave scratch marks on utensils.

  • Palmera Oval Hard Scrub Brush – Pack of 3 Pieces

    Sale! 510.00

    – Better option than wire/ steel brushes for heavy scrubbing.
    – Does not leave scratch marks on tiles.
    – Hard palmyrah bristles with high density.
    – Polished handle for wood protection.
    – Oval shape for a comfortable hold.

  • Palmera Sink Brush

    Sale! 225.00

    – Extremely handy and comfortable to hold.
    – No chemicals were used during the production process.
    – Forms excellent lather with soap.
    – Does not leave scratch marks on Teflon and coated utensils.
    – Dense, finely hand combed coir fiber bristles

  • Palmera Dish Wash Scrub (Utensil Scrub) – Pack of 12 Pieces

    Sale! 240.00
    • No synthetic or rubber based adhesives used
    • 100% Natural Coir Scrub stitched together with cotton thread
    • Works better than any synthetic scrub
    • Does not leave scratch marks on coated utensils. Safe to use on Teflon
    • Natural material and safe if ingested. So you can forget the worry of scrub bits getting into your food

Showing 133–140 of 140 results